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A few months ago a new Australian flatland rider showed up on the social network. Photos were being posted up with great enthusiasm and much props was being given to this new rider. Jacqueline Nix is an Australian rider who is pumping new life into the Australian flatland scene. Her passion for flatland seems strong, her eagerness to progress is paramount. Bmx flatland Australia caught up with Jacqueline for a quick few questions, read on.  

How long have you been riding bmx?
Started riding bmx about 10 years ago on and off. Been around flatland for only a few months

What got you into riding bmx and flatland?
Always had an interest in bmx and friends got me into riding park when I was around 17, first park I rode was Camberwell in Melbourne, then spent a lot of time riding in Cairns Queensland. I had a bad accident at a Newcastle bowl almost 2 years ago and knocked a few teeth out and cut my chin open so I stopped riding for a while until I decided to take my bike to Spain with me. I was hanging out with my good friend Sergio Layos who introduced me to a flatlander called Fernando Bayona and so I hung out at one of the biggest flatland spots in Madrid and there was a massive turnout of riders pretty much every afternoon/night. The scene was so cool, everyone was so kind and they encouraged me to really get into it. I went along to a few flatland comps around Spain to hang out and watch and ride with everyone which was so much fun, will never forget those times! 

What would you say is your current riding ability?
In flatland I’m still a beginner, I’m learning very fast though!

Chris Mannion - photo

You are a singer as well can you tell us more about this?
Yep, I’m a singer/songwriter that’s my “day’ job haha. I’ve been singing and writing since I was a kid, have worked hard to be where I am today, still got a long way to go but this year has been one of my biggest years in music yet and I’m expecting next year to be massive due to upcoming Releases and Music Videos.

What has been the support from family on bmx?
Got a big answer to this question due to the amount of people who have really helped me out a lot! Firstly Sergio Layos, Viki Gomez, Guelo, Moya & David Carmona just to name a few. I guess they saw potential and told me I should get into it and give it a good shot. I really have to say thanks to all the riders in Madrid and Action Wheels for helping me out with my first few flatland parts such as frame, freecoaster, pegs. I then went to Melbourne and met up with the riders there and Karl Hughes hooked me up with forks, bars and a bunch of other stuff, without their help I wouldn’t have been able to get into it so quickly. I’ve been riding with Shane Badman lately which has been awesome, he’s a great teacher! Last but not least I have to thank Primo in USA for allowing me into their family and sponsoring me for all my parts, I’ve had nothing but support and encouragement from them even considering I’m a beginner they are always motivating me which is really cool and I think supporting beginners in flatland will really help the sport grow. I have a very large network of bmx friends all over the world from travelling and absolutely everyone has been so awesome and helpful! 

Chris Mannion - photo

You obviously have some influential people around you due to your music career, what have they got to say about you riding flatland?
I definitely do, and they love it! They encourage me and tell me to keep at it! Sets me apart from all the other singers that’s for sure. haha    

Do you think being a girl rider has made you more popular within the riding scene?
This is a touchy subject that I really don’t want to go into too much for a few reasons. My obvious answer is yes, but I wouldn’t say being a girl has been the sole reason that I myself have become more “popular”. I already had a large following from music and the way I have documented my progress in photos and videos plus being very socially active has been more appealing and has kinda got me “seen” much faster than if I had of only just been a “beginner rider” with no fan base or other interests if that makes sense? Keeping in mind I have a huge amount of bmx rider friends all over the world who were following me before I started flatland. Any female in a male dominated sport is going to get attention regardless. Now what I would like to say is that people look into this WAY too much. They forget about BMX all together, what I would like is for people to just see it for what it is, I’m female and I ride bmx every day for fun. It’s a part of my lifestyle, no big deal really, I enjoy it more than anything and have been around bmx for a very long time now, some people need to give me a break and just respect the fact that I’m out there every single day giving it 110% it’s as simple as that, no need to complicate shit. How I dress or look is just me being ME, I do my thing. Music is a huge influence in my style and originality regarding my image and what I wear and that’s obviously going to be evident in my riding. 

Chris Mannion - photo

Do you think that you are able to influence other girls into riding?
For sure, I’ve already received a bunch of messages from girls now wanting to get into it or take it more seriously, I’ve been sending my old bike parts out to kids around the world who ride or want to get into bmx/flatland. 

Would we ever see you riding flatland in any of your music videos?
Definitely, once I’ve improved a bit more! I will also be taking my bike on stage with me next time I perform at a big festival with a huge stage, I want to bring the two things I love most together.

Chris Mannion - photo

Chris Mannion - photo

Riding in the Brisbane underground spot

Brisbane riders left to right – Roni Rampton, Brett Dighton, Shane Badman and holiday maker Carlos Espinosa with Jacqueline

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