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Pretty excited to be involved in this media partnership. Kurt at BMX Union explains all…

Well, today is the day we are able to let the world know what we have been working on these past few months. Some of you may have caught on to the subtle hints we have been giving on Twitter and Facebook the past few weeks or even the links we dropped up top last night.
Shortly after partnering with Bikeguide, gears started turning and just before Interbike back in September, we started working with Dave Paterson from The Merged and Bunky Dunn from Free-Coaster on how we could all work together to promote all of the different content we have been producing. Anyone who is familiar with both of those sites know both guys are very good at what they do and have earned the respect from the industry through their talents.
Between The Union, Bikeguide, The Merged and Free-Coaster we are all able to bring you a different look at freestyle BMX, but we still felt like something was missing from this. That’s when Jon Saunders from Can You Dig It and Effraim Catlow from Flat-Matters came into the picture. These guys are both very well respected in the trails and flatland world and we saw them as a perfect fit for whatever it is we are creating right now.

Starting today, we’ll all be working together to bring you the best of the best in freestyle BMX from the videos and photos to the news, products and people who are helping to keep this sport moving forward.

The Union will continue to bring you all of the latest videos, photos, news, products and interviews and original features that we have been doing for the the past 5 years from all aspects of BMX. We’ll also be doing our best to direct you to anything we think is doing BMX right.

Dave will be stepping things up with The Merged bringing you all of the latest and greatest BMX products like he has been doing. He will also be doing a lot more original content giving you guys an even closer look at the brands and products you guys want to know about. Dave has been on a little hiatus getting everything dialed in so expect him to be back on it at full speed starting today.

Bunk is a freecoaster genius and is always one step ahead of things when it comes to going backwards. Freecoaster has been a go to place for all the latest news on the different freecoasters hitting the market along with all of the information on all of the freecoasters already available and a ton of reviews and tutorials on how to maintain these complex pieces. With all of the new freecoasters in the works these days, you better believe Bunky will be on top of each one of them.

Bikeguide‘s forum has been going strong for over 10 years now and there’s a huge community of riders producing some real good threads from BMX to cars and motorcycles to naked ladies and really anything else you might be interested in. There’s over 11,000 members constantly posting up fresh threads and it’s easy to blow a couple hours trying to keep up with it all. If you haven’t taken a look around, I highly advise you get on it already.

Jon Saunders is one dude that I’ve got insane respect for. This trails building, shredding and loving machine has been putting in work on Can You Dig It for a few months now and the trails community has definitely taking a liking to it. You can find all the latest and greatest trails edits and photos, along with interviews, reviews and more. It’s the go-to place for anything that involves dirt and shovels. Jon is keeping the fresh content going daily so make sure you are checking that often to keep up with it all!

Effraim Catlow is a flatland legend and has spent the last 4 years putting in work on creating the go to place for everything flatland on Flat-Matters. You can find original interviews, videos, photos, products and features every single day. If you’re looking for some incredible flatland riding, that’s where you need to be. We’re looking forward to what the next 4 years have in store for him, that’s for sure.

The ultimate goal of bringing all of these sites together is to help bring you guys the best of the best from people who truly love BMX and give it their all to promote it whether it be blasting a quarter pipe, grinding a rail, roasting some trails, doing some incredible links in a parking lot or just getting technical with products. We couldn’t be more excited to see where 2013 goes and we hope you guys are down to roll with us through it all.

You will be able to reach each site just like you always have. Keep up with everything through these links.






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