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Sunday, 13 April 2014 Bangil BMX presented the event "Reunion and Fund Donation" for their brother Astawan in Kalaena, South Sulawesi - Indonesia. So that he can later ride a proper bike like the rest of them. We posted a photo on Instagram not too long ago. About 40 riders from east java attended and they also organized a battle with Adi Rosadi (Sidoarjo), Bon prasetio (Malang), and Catur Septianto Priambodo (Surabaya) as the judges. 15 Flatland riders were competing in the Junior (7) and Open Class (8). Congratulations to Bishrey, on his victory and thanks for this text and the results.

Open Class
1st Bishrey Mushtofa
2nd Haris Effendi a.k.a Bendot
3rd Sandy Putra

Junior Class
1st Bayu
2nd Sulaiman a.k.a Aiman Hidayah
3rd Helmy

We have a little photo gallery for you: Reunion and Fund Donation for Kalaena

And last but not least these are some battle videos:
Haris Effendi VS Sandy Putra
Affandy a.k.a Andy Gopek VS Bishrey Mushtofa
Haris Tuek VS Joko Bandot
- Bishrey Mushtofa VS Joko Bandot

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