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Kustomfest 2013 was held on 5-6 October 2013 in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. There were many different fun and extreme sport contests including BMX Flatland & Street.
22 Flatland riders were competing in the Junior (12) and Open Class (10). Every rider had 2 min run and the judges were Ei Hermawan (Bandung) and Ferry (Jogjakarta). Congratulations to Heru Anwari on his victory and thanks for this text and the results.

Photos: Kustomfest 2013 Gallery

Open Class
1st Heru Anwari
2nd Zimmi Akhmad a.k.a Z.A.K
3rd Muhammad Mustamir Bahrul Ulum a.k.a Tamir

Junior Class
1st Muhammad Ainul Fajri a.k.a Inu
2nd Ambon
3rd Doni Gembon

Videos of single runs: Haris Effendi, Arya Dypta Harsa Abimantrana, Yunfian Putra Rivanda, Heru Anwari, Zimmi Akhmad, Tri Sutrisno, Heru Anwari Final Run

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