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Hey guys,

I am proud to present to you the ALL NEW Microphone Peg FLEX !!!!!!

IGI MICROPHONE PEG flex_V03 from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

There are 5 purchase options, 3 prices and 2 main changes to the Microphone peg in this ”FLEX” model; it’s refined shape and it’s coating + some cool technology involved.

First off it’s shape:

In order to keep the compatibility to all previous accessories and versions of the MIC Pegs I decided to keep this Cap and 40mm Cap Diameter. The edge that was once provided by the earliest Mic Pegs is kept for its anchoring advantages, yet the ball is smoothed out into the body of the peg. This makes for a very comfortable feel at the feet. The wider diameter paired with a slight dip at the middle balances out the overall feel in Comfort and Control of the peg. Also I went with the 105mm length, since you can always extend the peg with our Extenders in 5 or 10mm, but you can’t shorten it if it was longer. Refined, modern new look and feel.


Length: 105mm

Radius diameter: 40mm

Weight: 220grams / pr

Weigh with Coated caps: 236 grams / pr

Weight with Plastic caps: 190 grams / pr

The coating:

In a moment that could only be described as fortuitous serendipity, an old friend of mine called ”Freddy” whom I knew through the bike shop I used to work at when I was just 16, came over to check out some IGI snapback hats I had for sale. During his visit I expressed how the griptape I was using on the peg at that moment just wouldn’t cut it and I was looking for a new way to grip to the peg in dry or dusty environments . It so happened that he was working in the field of metallizing, a process that involves shooting molten hot metal at other metal surfaces, to coat them in different types of of other metals or materials to protect them or make them grippier. He right away suggested the use of Tungsten Carbide and Ceramic! I think this was somewhere around 2015 or 2016 . He agreed to make a few test samples from some leftover metal powders he had at work and slipped a few caps into the production line as the days went by. The cost of the metal powder is so exhorbitingly high that I couldn’t have afforded to produce any of those caps here in North America, not even one if it wasn’t for Freddy, the idea would’ve died in the egg. He basically told me, just to start the machine, it costs some 500$ and then the powder’s value is insanely high priced. I later learned that Tungsten is quite the rare element, and that it’s properties are as stunning as they could benefit the Flatlander! The process creates a textured finish that bonds to a metal product and lasts an eternity! You can even choose the grit! I thought this was amazing technology!

Here is an example from Youtube of the Tungsten Carbide coating being applied:

After trying the caps myself in dry and dusty places and getting Ben to test em out in Chile (which is quite dry and dusty as well), I came to the conclusion this could really work out as the kind of cap you could just always carry in your toolkit and use whenever the conditions deteriorated. Steve here in Quebec has even been testing one peg fully coated in the stuff for 3 years and it still grips in the way you would want it too!!!!! I then decided to figure out how this may be called in Chinese and see with my contact in China if this could even be found and if it would be affordable enough to produce . Ashao at FEC scoured factories looking for one that would even bother with our project, spraying a few seldom caps for us to try on and he did! Ashao is the guy behind the design of the FEC freecoasters, the Ti cranks and forks, the carbon and Ti fronthubs and all the good FEC stuff! He is a very ressourceful guy and has supported me since 2009, our collaboration has brought new parts to the scene and cool new ideas to fruition since the beginning! ! Anyways he found a place, got a few caps sprayed in Tungsten and that is how the Dry Climate Cap was born!

So now we have a whole peg coated in this stuff in 2 different grits, in 2 different materials and this stuff is awesome!!!

– The Silver Metallized Tungsten Carbide

– The Black Plasma Flame Sprayed Ceramic finish.

The grippier fully coated peg and cap version will be called ”LAVA PEG” because for some reason it reminds me of dried up Lava. I like the name…lol!

The metallized Tungsten Carbide ”LAVA PEG” which carries a Metallized Tungsten coated body and cap:

The Tungsten coated body option with Black or Silver cap options (pictured with matching Extenders):

The lighter grit Ceramic version:

The Plasma Flame Sprayed Ceramic with Black or Silver cap options ( pictured with matching extenders ):

The all new ROUNDHEAD 7075 Dry climate cap can be purchase separately as well:

This process outlasts any griptape or knurling. It performs extremely well in harsh, dry and dusty environments. I would suggest the entirely coated Tungsten peg for those who want an all around grippy peg, who don’t pivot much but who want grip all around, this is surely the peg for you, if you do want the extra grip and pivot a lot you can wear them in a bit and they might be for you as well, but they are definitely grippier.
You can go for the Tungsten with Silver or Black caps if you want the grip inside and not outside which will be better for edgy pivot tricks, and then the Ceramic version which has the lightest grit for the guys who have a more hardcore pivoting style and use many back to back variations but still need some grip to hang on too.

All options and accessories:

The Flex in Microphone Flex stands for ”flexibility” as in the versatility of a peg to a sport which often must adapt to different conditions. Flex can also mean Flexin’ as you’ll be rolling around with a pretty fancy peg. Our premium peg at IGI.
This whole process took a very long time and I’m super proud to finally put it out and I wish to thank Freddy, Ashao, Ben and Steve for the help, support and feedback throughout the trial and error period. There’s nothing that’s perfect, but this peg gets pretty damn close for me! Hopefully it does for you too!




The peg is available today in all it’s options at http://www.flatlandfuel.com, http://www.igibmx.com and you can find some at http://www.fourpegsbmx.com in Europe as well ! Check em out!

Make sure to follow us at @igiflatbmx on instagram, also @igiflatlog where all our available products are usually posted first and visit our website www.igibmx.com or our FB page/igibmx .

All the best !


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