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On March the 11th 2018 we celebrated one year since we opened Sport Zone with a BMX Jam for the kids, Master and Pro riders. The kid's event went down in the morning with separated categories, 16" and 20". They had different challenges to help them learn confidence and consistency, fast track, Pit Stop, 180 and 360 bar spins, Boomerang and Best Trick Contest. Main highlights were first the 14 kids that took part followed by Dudás Misi pulling his first Peg Boomerang in front of the crowd to make it even better (unfortunately just out of camera shot) and Filip Marcell did a triple bar spin standing on the pedals for the first time too. The kids and parents had a great day and it seems BMX Flatland has a great future, in our town at least! One of the kids, Lázár just 7 years old totally motivated from Sunday, went home, practiced and on Wednesday night pulled a FULL boomerang, so inspiring!

Kids Contests Video

The afternoon was the Master and Pro riders with, Bunny Hop, Pinky Squeaks, Whiplash, Mega Spin Battle and Front Wheel-Back wheel contests. We saw some great riding from the regular Hungarian riders plus Leon Vignjević and Frane Granic from Croatia. The video shows just a few of the highlights from the riders and a feeling of how the day went. The riders got great trophies thanks to Kreativ-fa-ajándék, great Pizza from La Pizza Nostra and to top if of birthday cake from the Gombai Cukrászda all three of our local sponsors. Thanks also to Elite BMX Shop, Colony BMX, Four Pegs, Márton Szilágyi and Monster Energy. All of these people helped make it a great event!

Our next event will be later this year with a normal contest format. I will do my best to get some prize money and make it bigger and better. I think we are going in good direction and we just need the support of more international riders and sponsors. So come on guys come to Sport Zone!


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