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It's time for an update on the G-Shock Real Toughness 2013 series. The official website has a lot of information in Japanese including reports of the single battles of each stop. We tried to get an overview and figure out the results at least ;-) You can find them below. The first stop was Osaka and the second one in Shonan. The official videos didn't get much attention so we added them to the video section now: Osaka video, Shonan video. The flatland parts are at the end but also the rest is fun to watch.

The final stage will be in Tokyo on December 8. Check the promo video in the event section: G-Shock Real Toughness Final Tokyo. According to an announcement earlier this year the top 6 riders of the World Circuit will be invited to Tokyo for the finals. That would be: 1 Yohei Uchino 2 Matthias Dandois, 3 Tsutomu Kitayama, 4 Hiroya Morizaki, 5 Viki Gomez and 6 Takuya Higa. We're looking forward to the finals!

Osaka Results - July 6
1st Tsutomo Kitayama
2nd Hiroya Morizaki
3rd Shinichi Kiba
4th Yohei Uchino

Shonan Results - July 13 and 14
1st Yohei Uchino
2nd Moto Sasaki
3rd York Uno and Hiro Morizaki (to be confirmed)

Finals in Tokyo - December 8

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