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You know ... it seems like every new trip I encounter surpasses the previous with copious amounts of bike riding, partying, and all around good natured fun! And my most recent journey to the FISE in Montpellier France via Paris along side Alex Jumelin and Matthias Dandois was another best of my life! Having such incredible people for hosts (Matthias, Matthias family, Alex, and my new BFF Sylvia) in such a vastly cultured country is something no amount of money can buy, so in these moments we are the wealthiest people on Earth! Merci beaucoup guys! Thanks for all of the laughs and good times! I'm already looking forward for another excuse to travel back to F R A N C E !!!!

Leaving The City of Angels #losangeles

French media

Backyard style

European size car

Paris cruzin

In route!

Opera session

Opera group shot

BMX pizza pile

Pizza with Raph

Jim the G

Jims backyard haha

La Bastille

Roadtrip in France

Driving south to Montpellier

Lost looking for hotel haha

Huge thanks to Jessica who saved me when I was lost, a few times haha

Mark Webb international sexy man! haha

Léon Blummma haha

FISE practise



Sylvia my new BFF so much fun this girl!!! Merci beaucoup :)

One of the best dudes! Jeremy Brosset makes everything more fun!

More Pizza haha

Italian food in the South of France!

and French bakery son!

FISE crowds are the biggest in the world for Action Sports

One of my best friends and one of the best dudes! Congrats to Alex Jumelin for winning the 2014 FISE!!!

France is beautiful

So is Ucchie! hahaha #savage

Red Bull riders lounge with the homie #MatthiasDandois

Ucchie and I celebrating with Alex

France has the best food

And the best people! I cannot say thanks enough to this amazing family!!!

I had a great fucking time at the FISE! A shot from qualifying

Eiffel Tower Paris France

More Eiffel Tower goodness

When in Paris... get your hair cut from Tom! #coolestguy

Seriously the best people on Earth! Im so proud to know them!

Secret wine cave aha

Tattoo time :D

Paris Subway

V i o l a !

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