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As we already mentioned Matthias is the winner of the French Flatland Championship. The following contests were part of the championship and relevant for the final ranking: Indoor Caen, ABC of Flatland, Astrolabe, Summer Camp, Royan Contest and the Com'in Lyon. Below are the top 10 of the different classes. Congratulations to all the champions! We saw many posts with photos of medals on Instagram.

1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Alex Jumelin
3rd Thomas Noyer
4th Joris Bretagnolles
5th Gurvan Le Bloch
6th Romain Dodelier
7th Raphael Chiquet
8th Matthieu Bonnecuelle
9th Thomas Deschenaux
10th Maxime Luchetti
1st Anatole Rahain
2nd Paul Dezeix
3rd Gilles Laurent
4th Etienne Taraud
5th Benbadi Ligout
6th Maxime Cassagne
7th Thomas Infantolino
8th Jean-Michel Chauvel
9th Dorian Vasseur
10th Jean Gardelle
1st Tom Lepesteur
2nd Gabrie Gallon
3rd Romain Klein
4th Christophe Castaner
5th Rouchdi Aroua
6th Clay Legrand
7th Kevin Fessenmayer
8th Duy-Anh Pham
9th Alexandre Dormois
10th Xavier Couder

1st Nils Vaugeois
2nd Dimitri Tardif
3rd Julien Picq
4th Anne-Sophie Perraud
5th Jerome
6th Lucas Dufrene
7th Fred Gambino
8th Bastien Foursaud
9th Enzo Allavena
10th Kevin Petillon

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