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The FISE Montpellier was an outdoor event as usual and for some reason the weather gods were not keen to see the pro finals. Rain ... the Master and Amateur finals took place and the results of the pro qualification count as final results. That means congratulations to Matthias and 3 Frenchman on the podium! Check the full results below. It was a pretty international contest!

1st Matthias Dandois 
2nd Alex Jumelin 
3rd Joris Bretagnolles 
4th Lee Musselwhite 
5th Kevin Nikulski 
6th Romain Dodelier
7th Williams Perez 
8th Thomas Noyer 
9th Jean Bulhon 
10th Maxime Luchetti
11th Dustyn Alt
12th Takuji Kasahara
13th Jérémy Brosset 
14th Chris Bohm 
15th Didier Genet 
16th Kevin Meyer 
17th Bo Wade 
18th William Herve
19th Gurvan Le Bloc'h 
20th Navid Saleki

1st Januar Susanto
2nd Anatole Rahain  
3rd Renaud Meloni 
4th Michael Piccolo 
5th Paul Dezeix
6th Nicolas Delangle
7th Thomas Infantolino 
8th Arroyo Iñigo

1st Bertozzi Fabio
2nd Thibault Di Maria
3rd Romain Kleine 
4th Valentin Traversa 
5th Alexandre Paroussoglou
6th Mickael Loiodice
7th Olivier Katz 
8th Rouchdi Aroua


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