Global-Flat News - France: Matthias and Alex are organizing flatland at the FISE 2013

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A little update from Matthias on the FISE 2013 in Montpellier. It's not an official press release so some details might change:

"Flatland will be once again a part of the FISE contest this year. Flatland is a real tradition at FISE and the organizers want it to be even better than ever before in 2013. I'm really proud to be the "ambassador" of the Flatland contest this year with my brother Alex Jumelin. We will try to put the best event as possible.

There are new sponsors in the game so we will have a decent floor and a decent price money. The format for the qualification will be normal run (2min 45), the final will be Circle of balance battle inspired. I'm working with Alex on the last details. The dates will likely be Friday 10th may for qualifications and Saturday 11th may for the final.

I'm checking the final details with the organizers but the final should be at night which is gonna be an amazing show for all of us. The event place is the same than before: The beautiful city of Montpellier, by 'Le lez' river."
- Matthias

Photo: Matthias Facebook and not to be take too serious ;-)

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