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In this month’s episode of FlatWebTV we speculate on who will win the NORA Cup, talk about Martti bringing Akihiko Takahashi on board to Jungle Rider as well as DiversionTV posting two Martti classics, Impulsivity and Moments. Kevin Jones re-emerges in 17403. Rad Dad gets his monthly mention as we happily talk about his hitch juggler contest. We go over all the contest results from July and have a nice chat with Hungary’s own Monika Hinz. All that and more in Episode 8 of FlatWebTV

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Chit Chat

• NORA Cup – Sept 15 RideBMX

• 17403 Video – York video (http://vimeo.com/26746760)

• DiversionTV posted complete KGB Impulsivity and MK’s “Moments” video (Ride On on Vimeo)

• Akihiko Takahashi on JungleRider

Juggler Contest – Looks like it’s now up to 30. (Mark Kuhlman & Chris Woodling …hit 25) Brian Tunney and Art T also submitted…cash and a pair of London bars


York Contest – Tuner Evolution Results: (footage by Joe Cicman)

Wilhem’s run: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lBM3gSZzDI&feature=player_embedded

Terry’s run:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2S9e5EyctOg&feature=player_embedded

Dane’s run: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQqFTu_CUfc&feature=player_embedded

Master Class winner Dave DeBuono – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFQ9wYkmGxQ&feature=related

Beginner Class

1. Jimmy Kibbons (new blood on flatmatters)


Veteran Class

1. Tony Strickler


Expert Class

1. Joe Cicman


Master Class

1. Dave DeBuono


Pro Class

1. Matt Wilhelm

2. Terry Adams

3. Dane Beardsley


Rankings not yet updated but Matt W should still be on top with Terry and Dane closely behind.

KOG results

1st vs 2nd battle – (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U77JVTO7R7A&feature=player_embedded)

1st Yohei Ucchino

2nd Shinishi Kiba
3rd Moto Sasaki


MASTERS Wrap up 

1. Matthias ( http://vimeo.com/26218861 )

2. Moto ( http://vimeo.com/26220614 )

3. Dominik ( http://vimeo.com/26223876 )

Monika Interview 

Burn Energy Drink video —   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A138HmnqBE

Monika’s blog –  http://himopic.blogspot.com/


SG.gif Singapore 06.08.2011 – 07.08.2011 Ground ForceWorld Circuit Round 3.Site not updated very well, but Matthias should be ranked 1st based on results with probably Moto in 2nd. Details are sketchy.
US.gif United States 07.08.2011 – 09.08.2011 kevin jones Invitational Fall York Jam/CompActually in October. Still TBD
ES.gif Spain 12.08.2011 – 14.08.2011 0´MarisquiñoBig action sports event with support from Vans and Red Bull. Flatland/Skate/BMX Dirt and more. Viki will be there
FR.gif France 19.08.2011 Urban Plagne – Contest BMX FlatPrize money (1000 euros) for flat. Other events as well.
SK.gif Slovakia 20.08.2011 Mirabel FlatDance 2011Pro and Expert class. 500 euro prize money (250 for 1st, 150 2nd, 100 3rd). Monster and Kunstform are a couple of the many sponsors. Dominik.
US.gif United States 20.08.2011 2011 Portland Summer Flatland JamAugust 20, Creston Elementary – Annual Portland Summer Jam (noon to 7pm)Intrikat/Revenge/S&M/Hoffman/SE Bikes/Lotek/Primo/Goods – FlatWebTV
GB.gif United Kingdom 27.08.2011 – 28.08.2011 King of Southsea
JP.gifJP.gif Japan 28.08.2011 C3 JAM(Cycle City Creative) Sea of Japan. Northern coast in Ishikawa (straight north of Nagoya). Komatsu Station Square. 




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