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For episode 7 we get real talkative and highlight Global-flat’s Rider of the Month Melvyn Masson. We also gush over Sevisual’s consistently amazing flat edits, Moto’s new frame from Suelo and Anthony’s new Jungle Rider frame. We unavoidably use an expletive to describe Martti’s amazing new tricks. We briefly touch upon product testing, specifically regarding Odyssey and Zion. We also have an expanded event section this month with details about rider standings. All of that and the usual hijinks from the guys at FlatWebTV.


Rider of the Month (Global-Flat) - Name: Melvyn Masson



Sevisual Tomi put a great edit and teaser for the german Flatland Fanatics contest together. The footage is from 2010 and the next Flatland Fanatics contest is planned for October 8th in Minden, Germany: Flatland Fanatics 3. Be there or be square!


New Suelo Moto Signature Frame:



Anthony’s new bike


-Product Testing – How long is enough (Waltz 2 years compared to SuperB which looks to be less than a year


Event recaps



Canada 01.07.2011 – 03.07.2011 Berry Jam #8
Japan 03.07.2011 Saga no RUN (Northwest Kyushu)
Germany 08.07.2011 – 10.07.2011 BMX Masters 2011 (bmxmasters.com)


Adam won 2010

DeepBMX sponsoring again

Girls and Am class


Last year Haro show (25th Reunion) this year, old school Zone

Adam Kun BMX Masters 2010 1st place Pro Flatland





United States 15.07.2011 – 16.07.2011 Tuner Evolution,Round 4 of AM Flat Circuit – York PA

Matt W/Matthias Tied #1 Pro (Terry #2)

Tyler # 1 Master Class (Toddy Gully 1 point behind)

Joe Cicman #1 Expert Class (Todd Carter 2)

Greg Leushner #1 Beg/Inter (Raddad/Jimmy Kibbons #4)

Brandon Woldridge #1 Veteran (Raddad #2)


York Jam Video – Bike Flip Productions - http://vimeo.com/25008181


Crazy BMX Spinning – Matt Wilhelm’s View

mattwilhelm43 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWxum-IUqPQ&feature=player_embedded


Oblivion Bike Company: Battle at the Bricks



Rad Dad’s Global Flat Battle Round 5

raddad67 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGS44JvLfD0&feature=channel_video_title


Japan 16.07.2011 – 17.07.2011 King of Ground 2011 Round 2 Kobe Harborland Takahiro Ikeda on top, Moto right behind
Ukraine 23.07.2011 Fifth Open BMX Flatland Ukrainian Championship – 2011

Pro, AM and Girls

entry and one night accommodation is free

Germany 23.07.2011 Flatland BBQ BMX Jam – Berlin


United States 30.07.2011 Trans Jam BMX Comp Flatland and Ramp

Charlotte NC

Part of a larger event, beg/am, Vet and pro classes

Isaiah Jordon won last year

Vintage Bike Display


Trans Jam Flatland 2010





Upcoming Events How to get your event on the show.




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