FlatWebTV - FlatWebTV Episode #5 GoodsBMX – Terry Adams Interview – JoMoPro & Ninja Spin.

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Welcome everyone to episode 5. Almost half a year of this show. This month we have  our second interview, Terry Adams, recaps of JoMoPro and Ninja spin, and much much more.

Show notes.



Event recaps

JoMo Pro – Fattony anouncing – RideBMX Video


Pro Final Results:

1. Terry Adams

2. Matt Wilhelm

3. Matthias Dandois

4. Ucchie

5. Moto Sasaki

6. Takahiro Ikeda

7. Tstomu Kitayama

8. Dane Beardsley


Ninja Spin – Martin Finals Video



1. Matthias Dandois

2. Yohei “Ucchie” Ucchino

3. Moto Sasaki

4. Dez Maarsen

5. Alex Jumelin

6. Adam Kun

7. Jean-William Prevost

8. Raphael Chiquet

9. Hiroya Morizaki

10. Jean Bulhon



Terry Adams

Upcoming Events


ountry Date Event
Japan 03.05.2011 TINY BIKES
Japan 04.05.2011 AN-CUP
Switzerland 06.05.2011 – 08.05.2011 Bike Days
France 07.05.2011 – 08.05.2011 Astrolabe Flatland Contest
United States 07.05.2011 1300 jam
Austria 14.05.2011 Game of Skills
United States 21.05.2011 The Flat Jam: Presented by The Bicycle Source


How to get your event on the show.



Jimmy Kibbons Mention


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