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Welcome to episode #3 of FlatwebTV. So many things happend this past month. I’m surprised that we covered this much in just 29min. A Bad Thing exodus, Portland Bike Show, REASON DVD review, Ticos Jam and Circle Cow 12 recap, upcoming events, and FREE STICKERS!


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A Bad Thing exodus

Alex on St. Martin - alexjumelin.blogspot.com/​2011/​02/​alex-jumelin-x-st-martin.html

Matthias - wizee.fr/​matthiasdandois/​2011/​02/​04/​i-leave-bad-thing/​

New Kun frame



8-page Flatland spread in BMX Plus



Effraim getting a Jungle Rider frame



flatwebtv stickers



Portland Bike Show info


GoodsBMX - goodsbmx.com

Bruce Crisman – Shola - vimeo.com/​772915myspace.com/​sholabmxgoodsbmx.com/​sholavideo.aspx

Justin Bio edit

Japan Trip


Where are the High production value Videos discussion

(Elusion, Props Ground work, Dreams, Same Thing Daily)

Dreams - flatlandfuel.com/​index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=1316vimeo.com/​5622545 -diversiontv.com/​DiversionTvPages/​Users/​Video/​BMX/​Dreams/​380.aspx

Same Thing Daily - samethingdaily.blogspot.com/​vimeo.com/​user1376521

Bill Freeman - youtube.com/​watch?v=4vEUpGNNuTg

Made In: Thailand - diversiontelevision.blogspot.com/​2011/​02/​bmx-flatland-cinema-pick-made-in.html

Event recaps

Tico Jam – Video - vimeo.com/​20350768

CircleCow – Video - vimeo.com/​19707423

AM Flat now American flatland Circuit - amflatlandcircuit.com/​?page_id=35

Upcoming events

Canada 04.03.2011 – 06.03.2011 CFO Flatland Unlimited 7
Germany 12.03.2011 – 13.03.2011 Passion Sports Convention Contest
United Kingdom 13.03.2011 Flatsummit Jam
United States 19.03.2011 Georgia State Flatland Championship Round 1
Japan 27.03.2011 Shounan bicycle fes ´11

If you have an event that you would like featured on the show head over to Global-Flat.com and click on the events page and fill out the form.

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