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FlatWebTV episode 10 is a special one. Not only have we hit double digits, but we update you on the Chase Recovery effort that the Flatland community has responded to. Interbike has a disappointing array of new flat parts and coverage, but KHE has a boatload of new stuff coming out for 2012. Moto wins the 2011 NORA Cup and loses his shirt. JungleRider ups the ante with Denes Katona and an all new Holiday frame. Pro rider and star of America’s Got Talent Matt Wilhelm dials in for an interview. All this and more in Episode 10 of FlatWebTV!


• Chase Recovery Fund – PayPal - chasegouinrecoveryfund@gmail.com

• New KHE parts for 2012  - http://www.khebikes.com/2012/parts-c-152.html?osCsid=3d56bd0bbf943ceb1602f5e747e67047

• Moto wins 2011 NORA Cup - http://bmx.transworld.net/1000138031/videos/2011-ride-bmx-nora-cup-full-awards-show-video/3/

• Denes Katona on JungleRider - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CP8qHTexIS4

• New version of the JungleRider Holiday frame - http://junglerider.com/2011/09/22/detail-photos-of-holiday/



• Matt Wilhelm Interview




China 05.10.2011 – 07.10.2011 BMX Flat Battle

Germany 08.10.2011 Flatland Fanatics Contest 3

Japan 08.10.2011 – 09.10.2011 King Of Ground 2011 round3

United Kingdom 08.10.2011 Uk flatland champs

United States 08.10.2011 Texas Flatland Round Up 7

Indonesia 09.10.2011 Indonesia BMX Open Championship 2011 Round 4


The October Jimmy Kibbons Shout out goes to:

Iligan BMX Flat crew format he Philippines (try to get video from FB)

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