FlatWebTV - FlatWebTV BMX Episode 14: Circle Cow, AMFLAT Circuit, elecTRON, Custom Cars? and more.

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In this episode of FlatWebTV BMX we lament the demise of this year’s
Circle Cow and relive some of the great moments that contest has
brought us in past years. We also catch up (kind of) with Andrew Faris
and take a look at the new Dephect Clothing edit from Matti Hemmings.

This month’s big interview is with AMFLT’s own Steve Lapsley. Steve
gives us the skinny on the newly announced 2012 circuit as well as the
slight class changes. He also makes the exclusive announcements for
stops 3 and 4.

A few small notes about upcoming FlatWebTV stuff sneak in as well. All
this and the usual nonsense in this month’s episode of FlatWebTV.


Circle Cow
Sam Foakes’ run – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dpmd2fan3oE
Matthias vs. Adam – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=murIN2O703c

Andrew Faris Article


Matti Hemmings – The Lanes Bristol



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