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JF was kinda quiet lately but there is always something going on ... he teamed up with Fishbone and is going to help them to bring their flatland product line back to life. Below is the official press release with more details. Around March they will probably release further information on a frame which will be available later this year.

Press Release:
Fishbone was started in 1995 by Jackie Yu, then a top rider for GT and Haro since the 1980s. Jackie’s first patent was the Fishbone X-UFO Extreme Rotor. More successes followed including the introduction of iconic Fishbone frames: Ninja, Big Ass, KongFu and KongFu2. Jackie’s other passion is photography/videography. Always looking to make things better, Jackie developed the Fishbone Steadicam and Ninja Crane camera platforms. Jackie uses these inventions daily shooting commercials and films.
To start some buzz for Fishbone’s return, Jackie released pieces of his private collection of never ridden Fishbone Original Vintage components. Some still in the original boxes. With the success of O. V., Fishbone is now ready to begin developing components for today’s riders.
“Both Jackie Yu and I are thrilled to add JF to our Fishbone Team,” said Kevin Wren. “JF is not only a top rider, but he gives demos and workshops to young people all across North America promoting the Flatland style of riding. It’s great for the new riders and for promoting the Fishbone brand.”
Jean-Francois added, “I’m excited to work with Jackie and the Fishbone Team to bring innovative new products to market. Fishbone was a quality brand back in the day and I can’t wait to help bring it back. I also look forward to continuing to promote Flatland at all my events to keep new riders coming into our sport.” More information about Wren Sports and Fishbone can be found at and Information about Jean-Francois and his events can be found at

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