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It's not every day that we feature a new company from the United States. Remorse is a rider-owned, rider-built completely DIY company.  I've been following their progress for awhile now, and would like to show you a photo of the Remorse BMX flatland frame prototype. Remorse makes custom parts, to the individual rider's preferences. This one is for Sunny Singh, who co-runs Remorse.
Here are the specs of this setup, but again, I want to point out that they strive to build 100% custom parts, down to the color preferences. If you'd like something longer or taller, they can do it.
Specs: Frame: 75/71 head/seat angles, 12.75" rear, 19.25" tt. Bars: 8" tall, 23" wide, 5 deg backsweep, 3 deg upsweep.

For more info, please visit and be sure to "like" them on Facebook. You'll find a lot more pictures there and can contact them about custom parts:

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