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Excellent new edit of Dub! Some of you might be wondering what's the connection between Dub and China .. here you'll get all the answers and a bunch of sick combos on top of that!

"In February 2007, I left for China to do shows in an amusement park for 11 months, totally unaware that that experience would change my life forever, I now find myself going to China 2-3 times a year, I speak and read a fluent Chinese Mandarin and run some bmx teams in China!

Now more than 10 years later I revisit Shenzhen and lay down some previously unpublished tricks on some of what I thought were the most iconic and favourite of my spots ; OCT Shenzhen IKEA underground parking lot, OCT Shenzhen Walmart spot and beautiful ShiminZhongxin (市民中心)spot at the end. I used to live in a place called BaiShiZhou (白石洲) within Shenzhen (深圳) , an area now set to be demolished in the coming years to build apartment towers. I am very grateful that everything lined up so I could film it the way I saw it back then before the past was erased.

You might have heard of Shenzhen City, an old fishing village just north of Hong Kong turned into a World Class city in some 30 to 40 years! It is often referred to as the NYC of China! I've always wanted to document this ''second life'' I lead and hope you can enjoy it as much as I enjoy bringing it to your device!"

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