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DOWN UNDERGROUND Round 2, Sydney, Australia.

Well, another leg of the Down Underground (DUG) series has been and gone quicker than a blink of an eye! Competing in Flatland Comps is still relatively new to me but the one thing the DUG comps seem to have is the greatness of bringing 20 to 30 flatland riders together as one for a whole weekend which seems pretty rare as I and probably most of us around Australia only get to ride with a hand full of riders, or one or two down here in Tasmania. I always jump back on the plane after these jams with a truck load more experience and knowledge in both riding and life in general from us rare flatland breed.( not sure that makes sense but im not that good at wording ha)

Warm up sessions

Anyway the weekend kicked off in a bloody wet matter, getting off the plane from sunny old Tassie I was greeted at the Hostel by the Perth and Brisbane Lads, oh and harmonica super guru Paul Chamberlain who were all competing over who could whinge the most about the shitty cold, wet Sydney weather, ha so I joined in. after all that we managed a sneaky ride in an undercover spot somewhere near Kings Cross and then all proceeded later that night to the comp area and there he was, the one and only Shaun Jarvis. Shaun got everyone motivated to give the spot a good sweep and hose down and of course share a few Boags Longnecks around, along with fellow half Tasweigan Leigh ‘Twaffy’ Waddingham. Finally about 10:30 we got back to the hostel just in time for the pyjama party. Ronni Rampton(Qld) was the only one keen to hit up the costumes in his shit hot snuggie and pink slippers!

Ronnie Pyjama Party

Ronnie Cliff Hanger

Comp Day…….

The day had come and so had the rain. A few of us hit up breakfast pondering how this comp was going to happen, as it leaked like a sieve under the harbour bridge. Anyway a couple of us had a positive attitude (not including you Shane) and along with that, some brooms and a petrol fed blower we got the surface dry and the sun broke out for everyone.
The middies kicked off the day and it was awesome to see the amount of rolling tricks coming out amongst the pack, including 16 or maybe 17 year old Sean Chau (Melbourne), and June Dungca (New Zealand) with his million and one ways to roll half hikers. June took the 3rd place trophy. Masa?(Japan) sprung out with his snappy style and awesome steam-crackpacker links which put him into 2nd. 1st went to Matt Wootton (me). Some how every link I couldn’t seem to pull together all weekend just all fell into place in both runs.

June Half Hiker

Masa Super Happy

Matt Wootton Messiah

Matt Wootton Presentations - 1st Place Middies

In the Pro class again another Japanese rider to head to Sydney Eiji blew everyones minds with those crazy barflip to halfpackers. He took 3rd place.

Eiji - cliffhanger

In second was the ninja spinning Shane Badman (Brisbane) who so nearly nailed his pedalling time machine in his run

Badman Half Packer

First place went to Simon O’Brien(NSW), the man who makes flatland look so effortless!

Simon Squeeks

Simon Opera House

Actually every rider in the Pro class opened my eyes up including Brett Dighton and also Paul Chamberlain who I hadn’t really seen ride yet (apart from in the bogan capital of Tasmania on a shitter of a surface) who even with a hangover from hell was busting out a bag full of combos.

Simon & Paul chillin'

The last run had merely finished and the skies opened again, bucketing down with rain. But the fun had been had, points were tallied, awesome prizes flowing and it was pretty much time to head back across the bridge for a few beverages. Actually it ended up being a few boxes of beer while having a premiere of Simons ‘DeJavu’ in the Hostels theatre room.
The night ended up with some top memories, Im starting to crap on a bit now so ill jot some highlights:

– Fellow Tasweigan Park rider Burkey and myself busting the guitar and harmonica.
– Paul Chamberlain showing everyone really how to blow the harmonica (crazy)
– Twaffy falling asleep in the bar!
– Badman for introducing me to Baklavas (maybe that was the previous night)
– Shaun Jarvis being the last man standing around five in the morning.

Also a big thanks to everyone that showed up for the DUG comp, Jarvis and Paul for running the show, Shane Badman for bringing down Newcircle and letting me write this article and Burkey for giving me a nights accommodation in his van Sunday night at Bondi.

GOOD TIMES !!!!!!!!!!

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