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As you may have read on Facebook Dez is now part of the Orbea team. He joins Viki and Varo Hernandez as part of there flatland team. Obviously it was time to ask Dez for a bike check!

Frame: Orbea Rude 19.8 tt 12.8 cs
Forks: A Bad Thing
Stem: KHE minimalism
Headset: fsa
Bars: S&M Intrikat 8.5
Grips: tennis grip over normal grip
Bar ends: Arestic Stainless steal
Seat: Kink pivotal
Seatpost: Odyssey
Sprocket: St. Martin Splined 20t
Cranks: St. Martin EVO Splined 155mm
BB set: Mid size
Pedals: Arestic
Chain: half link
Front hub: Khe Geisha
Front rim: 34r
Front tire: Khe in winter/ Odyssey in summer
Rear hub: Mix Ares with Runkai
Rear rim: 34r
Rear tire: Khe in winter/ Odyssey in summer
Pegs: A Bad Thing round caps

- Mounted a bold in the dropouts for the chain tensioners that came with the pegs.
- Cut seat for more space and use the odyssey seatpost so the seat is more centered.
- Use tennis grips over regular grips for more grip and thicker grips.
- Switched the clutch from the ares freecoaster for the one in the runkai. Also removed a ring for maximum slack.

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