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Earlier this month we did mention about our next collaboration project with a graffiti artist nicknamed Katun. Actually there was another artist that we want to work with couple years ago but shit ain’t happenin’ due to I don’t even know why. No chemistry maybe?

Looking at this fella Katun I had the feeling that we can work something out. So yeah, after briefed him the rough ideas and sketches Katun has come out with a superbly rad work for us. The deal is simple. All we need is something to reflect what we are doing. The skeleton dude bunnyhoppin’ tells you to do whatever you love and have solid passion on it until the end of the time. In our world, keep on riding until your body do not allow you to or even you have already dead! I told him that we need no vector graphics. I dig his drawing strokes so I want it there. We are very much pleased with the end result. Especially when the artwork applied on t-shirt. You made it Katun, you made it.

Some may already know about this guy and some may not. We throw him a few quick questions to give you a picture about him.

Ok Katun. Tell us more about yourself. Who are you, what are you doing, and why ‘Katun’?
Hello Assalamualaikum, my name is katun. I am part of District Shop and Gallery family. A freelance designer and a graffiti artist from PHBKLK / ZNC / DPT CREW. The name Katun came when it was start back in high school where do I addictively like to draw cartoons a lot, and from that time all of my friends start to call me Katun. Hahahahahah.

So you are a graff writer. How long you have been writing the walls?
Yup you can call me graffiti writer or artist. It’s different but almost the same. I have been destroying the walls since 2005. And it’s all start from that year.

You are doing it fulltime?
Yup, full time and unemployed. Hahahahaahah.

Tell us more about the crew you are in with- The District Family, PHBKLK, Zinc..
District family basically are founded from the PHBKLK itself but its more global. We have graffiti, illustrator artist, designer, Bboy, BMX rider, almost everything. But PHBKLK / ZNC are more to graffiti stuff etc.

How is the Graff scene like in Malaysia, in KL mainly?
The graff scene quite good, everyone are getting to the next level, and not to forget graffiti nowadays in KL are easy to paint. We have a lot of walls and the authority are supporting. But make sure you paint a good stuff, not a shitty stuff. Hahahahaahahahah

2012 has been treating you good. We are so honored to get a chance to work with you. What was your first impression when Devise hit you for this collaboration project?
Alhamdulillah 2012 treat me super well. I got to know and to create connection with other brands. From KL, SG and Indo. It was a super honored when Devise hit me with this collaboration project. Well you know that Devise are well known in the BMX scene and im just an ordinary person to do this opportunity. I hope this collaboration going well and can satisfied Devise lovers. Thank you Devise for believing me for this projects!

No worries man…Oh yeah we secretly heard that you are already on a big project happening next year. Mind to share? A little hint maybe?
Ok this session I cant tell. No comment. But believe me you guys will be surprise. I will announce it next year. Ahahahaahahah.

So what’s next? Anything you wanted to share to the people out there?
For next, same like today and the next day, doing my work like others. I need to pay bills too though. Ahahahahah.

Any last words?
Thanks to devise for this ultimate opportunity. I feel honored and blessed. To all members from district family, friends and family thank you for all your and respect. Barkat 2012.

Learn more about Katun and his works by clicking the following links:

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