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Getting Ready!


Q) What is more satisfying than watching Simon O’Brien’s second solo effort?

A) Watching it BEFORE Effraim Catlow!!!

We all kicked back last weekend after DUG Round 2 in Sydney and watched Simon’s DVD for the first time. For most of us it will be the first of many times to come. Such as right now. I’m sat here in my pants and I can’t think of anything better to do than Effraim Catlow my way through it one more time.

To Effraim Catlow (verb) –owed –owing
To blend visual flatland media with personal commentary and statistics.

I watched Simmo’s 1st DVD at about 4am with James Smith and Effraim just after driving back to London from Ninja Spin in Paris. I got Effraim Catlowed then and you’re about to receive a way shitter version of what I got from the old flatland lexicon himself. Here goes:

Nice packaging. Really nice packaging. Can’t believe how good the packaging is in relation to how cheap it is on sale for. Bike’s awfully high in the air. Wonder what Clint will say about that! Mason Rose knows what he’s doing behind the lens. Good packaging – that’s something you can’t experience online right there.

Pop it in the computer. It works. Bonus. Oh there is a bonus section too! Watch that afterwards…

There’s some haunting music…Now there’s some American Beauty shit going on. The quality’s already too good for flatland – and there’s been no humans or bikes yet. Ok I’ll shut up and watch a bit more…

Ok there’s Simon holding his bike – It’s all brown. The sky that is. His bike’s white. Sometimes yellow. And sometimes red. Looks like he’s just survived the end of the world.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simon is using that song from the Trickstars 6 intro. There’s none better! I hope more people use it in the future. Best intro song. There’s something about it that has always made me want to ride.

Now there’s bombs and fireworks being dropped all over the place. There’s Bondi. His backyard. A familiar spot from his first DVD. A decade. It was quick. Does that mean a back brake? There’s frustrated Simon who didn’t land something looking up at the sky like he does. A homeless Samuel L. Jackson dropping the f-bomb in New Orleans into a wide-angle lens. WTF? It’s all post-apocalyptic again now. Oh man it’s good. It looks like a real movie with a decent budget and everything. The sparks are flying and they look dope. Simon is THE best at switches into halfpackers ever. Backwheel’s getting worked at Bondi. Jaws are dropping and applause is being rounded. There’s frustrated Simon again – and he’s flaming this time. Can’t believe how good the effects are. Seriously. Getting OG in the skatepark for the third time. Seems like he’s been doing that a bit lately! Now he’s timelapsing looking at traffic. Varial into a halfpacker again as natural as going to the toilet. You bastard! Now it’s the end of the world again. Beautiful colours. Bike’s been thrown again. Same one he’s riding now by the looks of it. None the worse for it. Large pegs. Some things just work. Awesome shot. It’s over.

Can’t believe that was just the intro. Sick.

On with the feature. Straight in. Seamless.

Hip hop drops. Who is it? I know I know who this is… Cinefilm now or an effect? Who even knows the difference anymore? Buttery switch: pedal 5 into x-footed lashes. Nice. Cheeky finish to that combo. Now it’s that varial into a halfpacker that made me shout “NO!?!?!?!?” at the screen last time I watched it. He owns varials and pivots. Fuck it I’ll rewind it.

Pedal 5 varial to halfpacker. “NOOOOO!!!???!!!???”

That’s not a perfect description to see it in your head is it? Sorry Effraim. Fuck it. I’ll leave you all with the mystery and then you can follow up with a purchase! Go and buy it!!!

Recognise it now it’s Gangstarr. There’s another halfpacker. Oh that’s what the decade stuff was about in the intro. Sick stuff Simon. Now there’s an old lady calling him an idiot.

Just saw some sick switch jumplash variation brakeless. Can’t believe Simon telling me how he thought the riding could have been better… Only in your head mate! Now I’m alone and in control of the rewind situation I’m absorbing all of this properly.

Now here’s his mates. First guy goes high! Kenny Raggett now. Good to see someone still rocking a mid 90’s ramp riding style and Primo Walls. Whip to fuf?!?! Yep he’s serious!

Best transitions.

There’s Holmes and Robin. Stu Munroe. Think I just saw the Urban Games too. RIP. Water. Motorbikes. Wow – body boarding looks pretty dangerous. We’re in Japan now.

Nice titles.

Very interesting section. Both bikes are out in some different environments. Some groundbreaking stuff here. You’re gonna have to watch it.

Graff’s going up in quick time. Looking good. Guess that’s the next section.

Great time lapses all the way through. Make me miss Australia so much.

Mini-interviews with people about travelling. Nice idea. Bashi in his pants. Looks hung over. Funny shit!

Travel section is great all round. Probably the best thing for me so far. Makes me feel lucky to be able to move around a lot. Gotta get to Japan. Gotta get to Uluru. Wave Rock too! Look at Wave Rock. Got to get a photo at least head height on a carve. That’ll be a keeper. Easier said than done I guess.

Breakin section is cool. Some real original bits and pieces in there.

Now it’s the girl from his show. What a haunting voice. This looks like it’s gotta be it. Yep. Last section. No comment.

Credits rolling. Go out and “Express Yourself”. . .

Thanks Simon,

Paul Chamberlain.

To get your copy of DEJAVU – click here now!

DEJAVU by Simon O'Brien

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