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Today was Day 1 of the UCI World Championships with scheduled practise going on here throughout the day at the Xinhua Park, here in Chengdu, China. We woke up to rain this morning, but it looked like it was going to clear as we sat and had breakfast overlooking a muggy looking Chengdu skyline.

The athlete shuttles weren’t running today, so I took a 15 minute taxi ride down to the event with Bo Wade. Once at the site we got our accreditation sorted and shot a few photos by the UCI “ride and smile” sign as I am sure every rider will do. And as a bonus, the weather had cleared and there were already riders at the spot getting their practise in.

After hanging out for a couple of hours chatting with all the riders, a couple of us headed out to lunch nearby to the contest site.

After much procrastination we ended up at a restaurant, where the fun really started as the menu came out in Chinese. Dustyn proceeded to do impressions of Chicken, Ducks, Pigeons, and so on. The staff were dying with laughter, as well as and soon enough we were the entertainment for the entire staff team in the restaurant. Good vibes, I can see us going back there for sure over the next few days.

After a late lunch and the search for coffee, I just caught a few moments of Matthias Dandois and Alex Jumelin riding in the last group. Most of the riders has left, the qualifying starts Wednesday (this morning as I post this update). Good vibes here in Chengdu, and an interesting mix of coaches, mechanics, physios (and we need them here with both Dom and Dub battling ankle and hand injuries).

I got a taxi back to the hotel with Bo Wade which was an experience in itself, flagging down taxis in China and navigating the way with google maps. Super fun trip so far, China so far is nothing like I have ever experienced. For me at least being my first time here, everything feels like an event.

I wound down my day meeting up with my girlfriend and having a banquet dinner on the 42nd floor of this giant host hotel. There are riding spots everywhere in Chengdu, granite marble is standard. Right across from the hotel is a huge riding spot at the train station which you can see in the photo above.

Qualifying starts at 10 today so it’s an early start. Sorry everyone at home for the lack of updates, the internet does not work very well here. Which is kind of nice actually, this trip definitely feels like a break from reality.

Hope you enjoyed this update, seems easier to update from my phone here.

I’m out and off to judge once again.

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