Global-Flat News - Costa Rica: Harry Sánchez wins Ticos Jam 2015

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Better late than never, we missed out on the Ticos Jam results last week! Local rider Harry Sanchez from San Jose won the pro class. Congratulations! The organizers were a bit worried about the rainy weather but the sun finally showed up around noon. 20 total riders enter the contest this year. Scott Powell attended and did a demo in the middle of the event. Novice riders had two 1:30 minutes rounds and the best 3 scores of the 4 judges counted for the ranking. Expert and Pro riders had 4 minute battles (2 minutes each rider). The Pro final battle was between Harry Sanchez and Jorge Vasquez from Pamana. Max Muñoz, Douglas Vasquez, Willy Cordoba (CR) and Scott Powell (USA) were judging. 

1st Carlos Fonseca (CR)
2nd Iván Solano (CR)
3rd Roberto Montero (CR)

1st Joe Suarez (CR)
2nd Marvin Castillo (CR)
3rd Carlos Conejo (CR)

1st Harry Sánchez (CR)
2nd Jorge Vásquez (PTY)
3rd Jonathan Venegas (CR)


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