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Lou shared his Haro Master inspired St Martin Ten setup in our forum.

St Martin TEN 18.8″ TT, 75 HT
Fork: KHE Tanaka, zero offset
Headset: Colony
Brakes: Dia Tech Hombre with Ody Slick front/ SST Rear/detangler
Stem: Bizhouse
Bars: MTF T4 zero back 2up with Quamen SS barends
Grips: All city stars
Levers: Ody Monolevers
Seatpost: St Martin Pivitol with Profile seatclamp
Seat: KHE Watanabe w/ Ody convertable guts
Crank: Profile 160mm Spline drive titanium spindle and bolts
Sprocket: Profile Spline drive 23T
BB: Colony Spanish
Pedals: Ody twisted PC
Chain: KMC Z
Tires: Ody Freq G 1.75
Rims: Ody Hazard lite 48h
Front hub: DK
Rear hub: KHE Geisha
Pegs: Sequence pirate, knurled

'Decals were custom made by me with a vinyl cutting machine and are layered vinyl. Paint is appliance epoxy. This is supposedly stronger, but we'll see how it holds up.' 

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