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Good and bad news from Cologne, Germany today. The annual contest in the Jugendpark aka BMX Masters aka BMX Worlds aka BMX CGN is canceled for 2015. the organizers published a statement to explain their decision and they are also going to organize a smaller oldschool event in August. Looking for an alternative destination for your summer bmx trip? Check our event list.

"After 30 years of BMX in the “Kölner Jugendpark” our motivation to organize this event has not changed. We always were driven by the passion for our sport BMX. To provide a platform where BMX is recognized as a sport and culture rather than a circus or stunt-show has always been in our focus. To show the variety that BMX has to offer has always been a main part of our concept. BMX at the Jugendpark has become a ritual to us and to thousands of BMX lovers from all over the world.

In 2015 the BMX CGN will take a break. It’s time for a concept overhaul and to give the venue the opportunity to improve its infrastructure to secure the future of BMX at this very special location. Since 2011 we have been facing higher standards and restrictions set by the City of Cologne year by year. Now it has reached a level that makes it impossible for us to proceed the way we did it in the past. We were working on solutions, but for this year’s event we are running out of time.

Nevertheless, we wish you an awesome BMX summer!! Thank you for the support over the last years & keep on riding!!

Your BMX CGN Crew

“NO WAY we will not have something going on at the Jugendpark in 2015”!

Keeping alive our tradition of the last 30 years we will organize a small get-together for the BMX family. We’re bringing back the 80´s and going back to where we started. Come and join us for another fun day of BMX in Cologne.

BMX CGN SMALL RAMP SESSION 15th, August 2015 at the Jugendpark

• No admission
• Oldschool Bikes
• BBQ & Drinks
• Oldschool Riding, Talk & Music all day long
• Stores, BMX & Clothing

Please stay tuned for updates on the event schedule and content."

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