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Here he is - the US ambassador for the Circle of Balance

When did you start riding and what made you start?
I started riding in 1993. I started BMX because everything looked impossible. The feeling I got from pulling a new trick was a sensation I had never felt before. 19 years of riding and I can still get that feeling…It’s awesome.

What’s your riding style? I try to focus on the emotion and passion behind riding. For me, it’s more important to put my heart into my tricks because when I ride for a crowd I want them to feel the art of what we do.

Any big influences? I am inspired by positive people that believe the sky is the limit. So many people are living their fears instead of living their dreams. Individuals that push for what they want and get it are the ones that inspire me.

How’s the flatland environment in your country? Flatland in the US is definitely holding its own. We have many riders spread across the country and I am happy because it’s a diverse group. Also, more street riders are doing flatland-inspired moves these days.

What was the highlight of your career? The best part is that I get to do what I love. I’m thankful for this life and it’s truly a dream come true.

What is Red Bull Circle of Balance to you? It’s the Super Bowl for flatland contests. For us it’s the X-Games, Dew Tour, or Simple Session I would say. To me it’s the one contest that takes everything the riders would want, then makes it happen. To be invited is such an honor. Thanks to Red Bull for putting our sport on a pedestal where it belongs.

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