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No big introduction needed! Dubz has a lot to share with you! here is his Circle of Balance interview:

When did you start riding and what made you start?
I started in 2003, and I’ve been riding for 9 years now. As a kid my dad had rented a movie where a BMX Gang had stolen Walkie-Talkies from bad guys who were planning a heist. They did all sorts of cool tricks through the movie, real hero like. I think my subconscious mind was imprinted with it. We never returned the movie which I must have watched a dozen times. Later in my adolescent years I grabbed a copy of BMX Plus magazine and that lit the flame again. I rode a bit of everything back then. I bruised my kidney riding dirt then peed blood which scared the crap out of me. So I decided flatland was the way to go. I’ve been riding flatland ever since.

What’s your riding style? My style is rough and aggressive. In addition, tricks like Pumping Pedal Junkyard and different types of pivots make my style unique from others.

Any big influences? I’ve traveled a lot in the past few years, mostly in China and Chile. Meeting up and riding with people from around the world inspires me the most. Also, guys like Simon Marsan, Jeff Desroches and Jesse Puente have pushed me into a more innovative/creative side of Flatland, they continue to inspire me to this day.

What’s your killer move? One trick I call ‘La Mariposa,’ it’s a cross footed peg wheelie where the bike does a complete 360 around my back into a ‘switch footed peg wheelie with the bike on my left side’ if that’s how you call it haha…I came up with pumping Pedal Junkyard to pivot on the pedal. There’s also a trick where I glide no handed with only one leg resting on one peg and leaning on the seat…

How’s the flatland environment in your country? Our summers in Montreal don’t last very long. We usually have really cold winters which last about 6 to 8 months depending on the year, and lots rain and snow!! I went to Santiago de Chile the past 2 winters to ride and made some good friends there. I spend most of my summers in China where I used to do shows, now I bring riders here to do shows in 2 amusement parks in Chengdu and Beijing, so I have to be here to take care of things. I heard Vancouver is good for riding almost year round, but I’ve never been. I haven’t been so many places in Canada, I know China better than my own country, the weather is kind of mean in Montreal.

What was the highlight of your career? Doing shows in China, and now getting to offer the opportunity to others is pretty awesome. Traveling and being part of the BMX family in general. Also, the time I won first place in the CX-Games in Beijing, 2011.

What is Red Bull Circle of Balance to you? One word: “EPIC!!!”

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