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In the last days we introduce almost the whole COB gang. Now there are 3 riders and 1 judge left. One of them is Dez who had a lot to say:

When did you start riding and what made you start?
2003. After buying my first BMX bike I ran into a couple of flatland riders while cruising around the city, I couldn’t stop thinking about the amazing tricks they did and I had to learn it. I loved the freedom you had while riding, and it was just me pushing myself to progress and learn the tricks. After getting introduced to the world of Flatland, the events and the lifestyle, my heart was sold, and I have been riding ever since.

What’s your riding style? My style is mostly based on a moment within the links. I try to keep it smooth and controlled by doing pivoting tricks and throw in some bangers to make my riding more spectacular. I try to make my riding diverse and to mix all kinds of different tricks and techniques. I love the thrill of pulling a hard trick.

Any big influences? Events like Flatground, BMX Masters and Red Bull Circle of Balance and all the great DVD’s, is what inspired me the most. That’s where I got introduced to the riders that I looked up to. Over the years a lot of riders helped to inspire me and shape my riding as it is today. Riders in particular that inspired me are: Yanmar, Viki Gomez, Alex Jumelin and Yoshihiro Shinde. Nowadays there are a lot of different riders that inspire me and help me to push myself to progress and become a better rider.

What’s your killer move? Steamroller 360 pressure flip to inwards halfpacker. It’s kind of like a kickflip, but instead of kicking, you pivot and pressure the wheel to flip it. It’s a really gnarly trick, because it’s pure footwork. I’m super stoked to have pulled it because I didn’t if it was possible.

How’s the flatland environment in your country? If there is one thing Dutch people complain about the most, it’s the weather. The past few years I have been lucky to have an indoor riding spot, so that helped me out a lot.

What was the highlight of your career? Previous year was one big highlight for me. I got to compete in a various contest and score 4 stage places at one of the biggest contest. Also I got to hangout and ride with a lot of great people all over the world!

What is Red Bull Circle of Balance to you? The Red Bull Circle of Balance is the ultimate contest. Everything looks perfect and makes flatland look so damn good! It’s history in the making. Being part of the next event is a dream come true! Growing up riding and seeing the video footage, where one of the things that inspirited me the most. I have literally had dreams of competing at the Red Bull Circle of Balance. I feel so honored to have been invited and I can’t wait till the 8th of September.

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