Global-Flat News - Circle of Balance Rider: Adam Kun from Hungary

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Here he is .. Mr Monster Whip .. there is no contest where the MC doesn't ask Adam to try it. So let's hope we'll finally get to see it live in Kyoto ;-)

When did you start riding and what made you start?
The summer of 1998. I saw the local riders doing tricks on their bikes, and I felt like I have to do this.

What’s your riding style? Fast. Original. Killer

Any big influences? Just being on my bike itself inspire me and I like to create new tricks, new lines or pull some really hard stuff.

What’s your killer move? Too many to choose from! If I had to choose though, it would be the Monster Whip, which is an upsidedown tailwhip.

How’s the flatland environment in your country? In Hungary there aren’t many open spaces, so it’s hard to find a good spot. Basketball courts are always an option, but they’re often crowded.

What was the highlight of your career? I was in the top 3 four times for BMX Masters, and won 1st place in 2010. In 2011, I invented a new trick called the Monster Whip.

What is Red Bull Circle of Balance to you? I was a spectator for the Germany contest when I was 16. Ever since then I dreamed of taking part in this contest as a pro rider. That says it all!

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