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After all the footage we also have a few photos of the COB for you. Just some impressions of that huge event. For sure we’ll see many more photos online ..

Furthermore here are a few official words from the press release which summarizes the contest nicely: The new time format in the fourth edition of the most prestigious contest in flatland was a big success. It created a good tension between the riders and gave the crowd Goosebumps looking at the clock which was ticking down while the riders used up every single second to show their tricks. Third place winner Jean-William Prevost from Canada couldn’t believe he made it on the podium. “I feel like this is totally unreal, I think I’m still dreaming. I stayed calm and stayed to myself and it worked this time.” The Canadian said.

The local crowd was hoping for Hiroya Morizaki to grab the win at the 2012 edition of the Circle Of Balance. The crowd got on their feet when the final 30 seconds kicked off and the vibe in Kyoto’s Conference Center was electric. Hiroya brought lots of original spinning tricks to the battleground but Viki Gomez did the same thing. The Red Bull rider did all new combos in his run and was simply stoked on pulling them. “It didn’t matter if I would win or not,” said the Spaniard, “I was happy to be pulling the tricks I had been working on for so long. To be able to do them at the finals of the COB is just amazing. I’m now going home and am going to take my brakes off and start working on new tricks for the next six months.”

The Rider’s award, a special prize which is voted by the 16 competing riders, went to Alex Jumelin from France for standing out all week.

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