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先日、ART BMX MAGAGINEのサイトでチェイスが復活したとの記事がポストされました。


なんせ大好きなART BMXのサイトだし(笑)



レジェンド 、チェイスゴーインよくぞ戻ってきた!




The legend Chase Gouin is back on bike ! Welcome back Chase !

his words :
I am “trying” to ride on some days when i feel it’s possible, but i am still sick from the effects of 5 years mold exposure. This means that my immune system is still weak and therefore i cannot ride at 100% force… maybe not even 30%. I must wait for the results of another DNA test which will hopefully show some lower levels of fungus in my intestines that has destroyed the good bacteria. I also must end this program that helped me stop taking the pain killer pills, so i will suffer more bad withdrawals very soon. The separate issue of Crohn’s disease is in a state of remission which is a good sign, but this damage to the small intestine will never really go away and may get worse in the future. I can only take care of myself and hope i don’t need a surgical tube and bag to replace the intestine. But i try to do some basic tricks to get the movements back. My goal is to eventually become a good flatlander and be able to do all my tricks from the past plus learn new ones…and of course invent some small variations. I thank everyone for their support, because without the donations and positive thoughts of riders, maybe i would never make it. As soon as I feel confident enough, i will release a short video edit. Live to Ride…Ride to SURVIVE!

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