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Time for an update from France where the Caen Indoor contest took place last weekend. Matthias won followed by Alex and Lee. Congratulations! We haven't seen footage yet except for Lee's insane final combo. The contest was also the first round of the new French flatland circuit (Coupe de France BMX Flat) which makes Matthias the leader of the pro ranking. The next round is going to be the ABC of Flatland contest next weekend.

Photo gallery by Djou Nien: Caen Indoor Flatland Photos (follow Pix by Djou on Facebook)


1st Dandois Mathias 377
2nd Jumelin Alex 344
3rd Musselwhite Lee 330
4th Bretagnoles Joris 329
5th Le Bloc'h Gurvan 306
6th Stephon Fabien 302
7th Briars Josh 291
8th Masson Melvyn 277
9th Chauvel Yannick 273
10th Page Fred 272
11th Meloni Renaud 268
12th Herve William 257
13th Meyer Kevin 237

1st Rahain Anatole 365
2nd Dezeix Paul 293
3rd Taraud Etienne 279
4th Lefebure Ludo 278
5th Gorin Yann 267
6th Chauvel Jean-Michel 250
7th Desgain François 146

1st Lepesteur Tom 293
2nd Gallon Gabriel 264
3rd Legrand Toma 263,5
4th Kleine Romain 243,5
5th Labroche Romain 235,5

1st Vaugeois Nils 306
2nd Picq Julien 278
3rd Allavena Enzo 257
4th Poisson Kentin 132

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