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Intro/Interview: Effraim
Photos: Provided by Bryan.

Bryan Huffman is one of the most longstanding competitors in the US Flatland scene. Hailing from North carolina, Bryan drives to just about every contest on the calendar each year and has done for well over 15 years! The man is a legend on the flatland circuit, and well overdue an interview. And what better time than leading up to the Voodoo jam where he will not only ride in the AM Class, but he will judge the Pro Class also! Much respect Bryan!

Can you say Ouch??! Read all about Bryan’s ACL Injury below….

So you’ve been out injured a while Bryan. Tell us all what happened? How long were you out for?
I tore up my right knee way back in 1996 and had to get an ACL replacement. That took me out for about a year. After that my knee would do ok for a couple of years then I would go through periods of needing it scoped out. I think I’ve had about 9 surgeries now. It was always frustrating having to basically start over every few years. Last year right after JoMoPro I had another scope and my knee never recovered since it was basically bone against bone. I finished the year out the best I could and we decided to do a total knee replacement late November of 2011. That was about as much fun as it sounds and I finally got back on the bike right before Toronto this year. It’s still nowhere near 100%, but slowly improving. I’m just now starting to be able to scuff again.

Any kind of contest preparations you are going through right now to get ready for Voodoo?
Yeah a little bit, been trying to get a little more dialed, but I’ve learned that it has more to do with my mental attitude then anything. I get really nervous at contests so I’m just trying to get my head dialed. I also have a bad habit of trying to learn new things instead of working on a routine.

How important are contests in keeping yourself motivated?
Honestly I’m more motivated with just trying to learn new things or re-learn old things. They do motivate me to a point and I want to ride well just like everyone else, but doing well at contests is not my ultimate goal with riding.

Are you driving down to New Orleans from NC, how long of a drive is that ?
Yes I am driving. It’s about a 10 hour drive which isn’t so bad when compared to some of the other contests I go to. I hate flying so driving is better for me. I just wish someone was going with me, but looks like a solo mission this time.

Bryan has Two footed Death trucks on lock!

Have you been to the Voodoo jam before? If so, how many times have you been?
I think I’ve been to all of them except one. The earlier ones I just went to hang out and watch then started competing in the later ones.

Who are you looking to as the main competition for you?
Everybody in the class really. I think it was said best in an earlier interview that just about anyone has the chance to win it. It just depends on who is on that day. I know just about everyone who is signed up and I respect all of them.

Are you planning to drop any new tricks at Voodoo?
Most everything I’m going for this time is a variation of stuff I have been doing lately. I try hard to throw in my own little tweaks or variations that are my own. I’m not sure if anyone notices, but that’s important to me. I do have at least one new trick I want to throw in my run; I just wish we had longer runs.

Besides riding in the contest, you are judging the Pro Class too?
I am and I feel very honored to judge. I always try my best to judge properly. Sometimes I think people make judging overly complicated and I’ve definitely seen some interesting judging decisions over the years. I think sometimes people don’t realize you only have a few seconds to compare and get a score down before the next guy starts so it can be difficult at times.

Can’t wrong with a lil’ Hooters action.

Who are you really psyched to see ride in general in New Orleans?
Everyone really, but some of the pros I’ve never seen in person and it’s always interesting to see people you’ve never seen before bust out. There seems to be a lot of energy buzzing around the contest this year so I’m excited about going.

Are you ready for Scott O’Brien getting crazy on the mic?
Always! I want to see him jump down from the balcony area and go crazy. He definitely delivers and makes the contest more exciting.

Any closing comments on the Voodoo jam?
I’m glad it’s back and I want to thank everyone involved on making it happen. One of the best things about flatland is that the riders all seem to be friends so I wish everyone the best of luck even if I’m competing against them!

Thanks Bryan for your time! Good luck at Voodoo!

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And of course keep an eye on http://www.voodoojam.com leading up to the event!

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