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The Brazilian Overground Flatland Series had 3 stops this year in Itapevi, Canoas and last week in Uberlandia. We're happy to see that M.U.F. Association is organizing a proper contest series in Brazil. The final results have been published and Balu is the 2015 Pro Class Overgrund Champion! Congratulations!

JVM Tricks started posting highlight edits of the 4 classes. So far the amateur and beginner class edits are online.

You can find the final rankings for 2015 and the round 3 results below.

Final Ranking 2015 Pro:
1st Sergio Ricardo Balu
2nd Gilberto Rocha
3rd Fagner Richter
4th Willian Buiu
5th Bruno Morotti
6th Romulo Guerra
7th Mateus Beckman
8th Francisco Lima
9th Gabriel Gomes
10th Gian Carlos
11th Pedro Nascimento
12th Gabriel Noel
13th Luis dos Santos
14th Lisias Tabarelli

Final Ranking 2015 Top 8 Master:
1st Alcino A. da Costa
2nd Minoro
3rd Reinaldo Gomes
4th Julio Cesar
5th Pedro Nascimento
6th Antonio Carlos
7th Pedro Luz
8th Gilberto Jose

Final Ranking 2015 Top 8 Amateur:
1st Marcio Soares
2nd Waldei Fernando
3rd Fernando Takeshi
4th Alex Mendes
5th Daniel Herinque
6th Hudson dos Santos
7th Wagner Piolho
8th Rafael Paes

Final Ranking 2015 Top 8 Beginner:
1st Lucas Gasparini
2nd Lucas Hideki
3rd Lucas Emanuel Canoas
4th Leanro Alves Ramos
5th Eduardo Cazazzana
6th Daniel Nunes da Silva
7th Robson Freitas
8th Marcelo de Souza Munhoz

Round 3 Pro:
1st Bruno Morotti
2nd Romulo Guerra
3rd Sergio Balu
4th Pedro Nascimento
5th Gilberto Rocha
6th Francisco Lima
7th Fagner Richter
8th Willian Buiu
9th Gabriel Gomes

Round 3 Master:
1st Antonio Carlos
2nd Gilberto Jose
3rd Alcina A. da Costa
4th Reinaldo Gomes
5th Lociano Cedro
6th Valkir Juliano
7th Minoro
8th Julio Cesar

Round 3 Amateur:
1st Marcio Soares
2nd Camilo Verissimo
3rd Waldei Fernando
4th Hudson dos Santos
5th Fernando Takeshi
6th Daniel Herinque
7th Rafael Paes
8th Wagner Piolho

Round 3 Beginner:
1st Lucas Gasparini
2nd Leandro Alves Ramos
3rd Daniel Nunes da Silva
4th Marcelo de Souza Munhoz

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