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Ricardo Lima dropped us a nice summary of the recent Overground Round 3 and World Circuit Round which took place on the 23rd and 24th of July 2016 in Rio das Ostras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. On saturday there was the qualification and finals for beginners, amateurs and masters class riders and on sunday it was time for the pros!

There are highlight videos online of the different classes. Julio C. Dias Augusto (JVM Tricks) did a great job documenting the whole weekend:
Beginner and Amateur Highlights
Master Highlights
Pro Prelims 
Pro Finals

The local channel Woohoo TV posted a short video as well.

1st Daniel Nunes da Silva
2nd Walter Nogueira
3rd Hugo Maciel

1st Mauro Ponte
2nd Max Gomes
3rd Hudson dos Santos
4th Rafael Paes
5th Camilo Verissimo
6th Waldei Fernando
7th Marcos Aurelio
8th Vinicio Osti
9th Thomas Gabriel
10th Rodolfo Conde

1st Fabian Perez
2nd Erwin Perez
3rd Regis da Silva Mingau
4th Reinaldo Poreca
5th Alex Grilo
6th Tyson Joge
7th Minoro Fujita
8th Arybu Jose Nilton
9th Welinton Alves
10th Leonardo Saldanha

1st Viki Gomez
2nd Bonjamin Hudson
3rd Moto Sasaki
4th Yohei Uchino
5th Jorge Gallardo
6th Romulo Guerra
7th Owen Bohn
8th William Perez
9th Gilberto Rocha
10th Francisco Lima Pekeno
11th Leo Claro
12th Mateus Beckman
13th Arthur Damian Garae
14th Luiz dos Santos Arroz
15th Bruno Moretti Zebu
16th Isaias Beltran
17th Sergio Ricardo Balu
18th William Prado Baiu
19th Marcio Luis
20th Jonathan Camargo
21st Fagner Richter

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