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This video hits a lot of notes. Spike Jonze, 'zines, oldschool, and modern bmx videography. Brandon has developed filming rigs using bmx parts. His shoulder rig looks like it has brake levers controlling the follow focus mechanisms. Neat stuff for anyone interested in filming, the history of BMX media coverage, and present day film gear with BMX roots. Outside of the BMX interest, I have to say that putting those controls on the handles remotely like that is brilliant, and done in a way that I have not seen before.

As a filmer myself, I have to say that if this system works well, I would jump at the chance to try it! I have a feeling that this concept has the potential to make huge waves in the DSLR filming community.

Video description:

"Brandon David Cole begin his filmmaking career at the age of 14 shooting BMX freestyle videos with his Dad's 2-piece VHS camera (old enough to remember those?). Brandon's BMX freestyle background and Spike Jonze - now an Academy Award Nominated director, once a BMX photographer - were a major influence on Brandon's decision to get into filmmaking. And eventually, to launch Midas Mount Camera Support Systems by making his own DSLR support rigs out of old BMX bicycle parts in his neighbor's garage machine shop."

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