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Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Bobby Carter.

Summertime! Contests and jams are in full flow all over the world, Bobby Carter over at Diversion HQ in Los Angeles, California is always thinking of new things and challenges within our sport! Towards the end of August, the second annual Aloha Jam is going down in Hawaii, I caught up with the man himself to get some more details, read on!


Yo Bobby, the second annual Aloha jam is coming up. Tell me firstly how you arrived at the concept of the Aloha jam as I know you have a different outlook on flatland, competing, lifestyle and generally what “we” as flatlanders do…How did the concept arise?
As the average age of riders reaches somewhere in the 30s, there are a lot of riders out there who are not focused on the path of pro competition. They love BMX and ride everyday, it was a lifestyle at 13 years old and also at 30! As adults, we have ability to make just about anything happen, so why not create unique events that focus on the lifestyle of BMX and all the awesome things BMX can bring to your life?

When is the Aloha jam?
Aloha Jam is August 22-23, 2015.


Lindsey La’akea Bode & Rich Slezak session the courts. Below: Bobby Carter caught mid flip at last years Aloha Jam!


What’s so good about Aloha jam?
Aloha Jam is a BMX Holiday. BMX allows us to connect and explore the world. This is a unique opportunity that BMX offers to the lives of all who ride. You could go on your own, but exploring the world with other riders brings a much different perspective. Hawaii actually has a vibrant BMX scene, so the event also brings the local community together as well. Plus the environment is a unique paradise right here in the USA! This event is all about allowing riders to make something awesome and enjoy it!

What did you learn in the first year that you have improved for the second year?
Well, besides adding a Luau on Friday night, before the official riding day, the biggest addition this year is the Flatland Beach House. We’ve rented out a huge beach house for visiting riders to stay. It’s cheaper than the average hotel and will be an awesome place for us to hang out!
The beach house will be available from August 19 – 25th.


Worldwide!!!! Bobby C and Rich Slezak hanging with the ladies, beachside! Below: Todd Carter, foot bar cliff in scenic Hawaii!


How do you people sign up?
If people are interested in reserving a spot in the flatland beach house, they can email me at bobby@diversiontv.com

Normally riders get hotels for events, but with riders all under one roof, are you planning to document this Bobby?
I will be documenting the whole journey Diversion style.

What’s the online giveaway that is associated with the event?
We are also doing an online giveaway this year to spread the Aloha all over the world! Thanks to the sponsors anyone can enter and win a prize pack presented by Flatlandfuel, S&M, Sampa BMX, Bike Factory, RideHI, and DVRSN! Enter here: http://www.alohajam.net/giveaway


Above:Get involved in the Aloha Online Giveaway. Below:Big Ale rolling them courts!

Big Ale

For someone who hasn’t been to the Aloha jam, and paint a picture for me of what its like?
Aloha Jam is a two day event, but it really extends beyond that. The first day we gather at Petrie Playground and ride all day with the ocean and Koko head mountain as a backdrop. Bike Factory bike shop brings out the grill and we grub on some “Ono grindz” (delicious food) with great tunes, and giveaways at the end.
On the second day, we explore the base of an ancient volcano called Hanauma Bay. It’s got a great beach and it’s a nature preserve, perfect for snorkeling.
The most awesome thing about Aloha Jam is that the event usually extends into the weeks before and after the main event. Each day consists of riding, exploring, hiking, surfing, and all sorts of other fun! There’s so much to do and see there I rarely repeat an excursion and I’ve been there 4 years in a row!
I’ll let Derek Takemoto, a local Hawaiian rider, tell you his perspective on the Aloha Jam.

Derek: Living here all my life and being an old school freestyler from back in 85 til now, there’s been a long 15+year gap until we’ve all gotten back together. Riding flatland now and seeing some new school riders coming out here in Hawaii is so great to see! We will always support the BMX scene all the way! Bobby Carter has brought this Aloha Jam here to boost & give everyone such a high motivation to keep riding and progressing in all levels. I’m very thankful and looking forward to our second annual Aloha Jam 2015.


Above: The main man Bobby C enjoying the amazing views Hawaii has to offer, check out the view from the Flatland Beach House. Bobby has hooked this up!


What is the appeal with Hawaii Bobby I know you love it there? How difficult is it to travel in Hawaii?
Yo E, you know me… I’m always trying to do something different….go somewhere a bit exotic. This is a unique offering from the United States that is often overlooked. As for traveling, Hawaii is a state. For American riders, you don’t need a passport to go there. Cell phone service is the same. It’s no different than traveling to any other state, except it’s paradise!

I know you don’t subscribe to the normal, ride, get good, enter contests, try and earn a living through prize money way of doing things in flatland? Whats your approach and opinion on this subject Bobby?
That answer to that question is real deep and a bit philosophical. We could have a whole article on that topic alone. I will say this: The true wealth and treasures we are striving for in this life are found in the connections that we make with other people. The treasures are in our personal and shared experiences as we explore the world around us and create things. As BMX riders our eyes are open a bit wider than the average person. BMX can be used as a tool to stack these experiences and connections to maximize enjoyment of this life. I don’t know about you, but that’s what I’m investing in. It’s about working together to make something awesome and enjoying it, not tearing each other down. BMX is a lifestyle that not only involves competitive events, but extends way beyond that, so let’s enjoy it all of it!

Anything you would like to add before we close this interview out Bobby?
Whatever you do, wherever you go…make it awesome!


Thanks Bobby! Great catching up! Good luck with the jam!


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