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 BMXプロライダーRandy Taylor 26歳で死去 

 BMXプロライダーで、ストリートライダーのパイオニア的存在であったテキサスのFort Worthのドン、Randy Taylor が死亡しているのが日曜の早朝わかった。26歳だった。死因は明かされていない。

元々Fort Worthの出身であった彼はMutiny Bikesのチームにプロとして約2007年から2012年の4月までサポートを受けていた。Taylorはトップチューブ20.666インチのものを含む“Loosefer”と呼ばれるシグネチャーフレームを出しており、またEtniesやDemolition、éclatを含むブランドも手掛けていた。

TaylorはビデオではMutinyの“Stoked On Being Pumped”や“Road Fools 17”、また“Let's Get Mystical”といった 爆発的人気があったものに出演し、また69本ものPropsビデオマガジンの歴史の中でも2008年の開いた口が塞がらないほど凄いビデオにも出演している。彼のライディングは可能な限り多彩で才能豊かである。フラットのテクニックも持ち合わせており、ストリートの技と混合することもあるが、また恐れることなく巨大なハンドレールに挑戦したりBMXでテールウィップを成功させた中では恐らく最大級の大きさではないかと思われる階段を攻めることに情熱をかけた。(数年前のRide UK BMX Magazineの表紙で見たのがそれに当たる)。



記述した“Stoked On Being Pumped”の中で、数年前のラスベガスのInterbikeで私は彼に会った。そこで無意識に彼のライディングがどれだけ素晴らしいのかについてコメントをしたところ、彼は人から(ライダーとして)要注意人物として注目を受けている事に驚いているようだった。彼はその週何度も何度も私の顔を見る度に確認するようにお礼を言い、その度に私の足を止めさせた。この時から彼には親近感を覚えるようになった。

彼の死はこの先ずっと悔やまれ、彼の趣味であったInstagramやライディングの影響力、また人としての優しいところも残され語られ続けるだろう。 ご冥福をお祈りします。

BMX pro Randy Taylor, dead at 26

BMX professional and groundbreaking street rider Randy "The Don" Taylor of Forth Worth, Texas, was found dead early Sunday. He was 26. The cause of death was not disclosed.

Originally from Fort Worth, Taylor was a sponsored professional for the Mutiny Bikes team from approximately 2007 through April 2012. Taylor had a signature frame dubbed the "Loosefer" which was available in top tube sizes that included 20.666 inches, and additionally rode for brands that included Etnies Footwear, Demolition Parts and éclat.

Taylor had breakout sections in videos such as Mutiny's "Stoked On Being Pumped," "Road Fools 17," and clips in "Let's Get Mystical," as well as a jaw-dropping 2008 video bio in issue 69 of Props Video Magazine. Taylor's riding was as well-rounded as it could possibly be. He was no stranger to technical flatland-inspired combinations on street, but was also never afraid to fire himself down huge handrails or tailwhip what was arguably the biggest set of stairs to date on a BMX bike (as seen on the cover of Ride UK BMX Magazine several years ago.)

In early 2010, Taylor suffered a spiral fracture in his leg, which kept him off the bike for the majority of the year. Ensuing nerve damage required Taylor to undergo additional surgeries in his leg, to remove the hardware to stabilize the bones from the previous fracture. In July 2011, he was able to start riding again after a year and a half, but required additional surgery in November 2011 to reduce pain in his foot and leg.

Taylor quietly stepped away from the BMX spotlight earlier this year, and while he continued to ride, he was doing it without the pressure of sponsors or video deadlines. Plenty of video proof shows Taylor's amazing exploits on a BMX bike, and I can't overlook how genuinely friendly and gracious Randy was as a person.

Following his clips in "Stoked On Being Pumped," Taylor was at Interbike in Las Vegas several years ago when I met him. I automatically commented on how great his riding was, and he seemed stunned, unable to comprehend that people were appreciative of his riding, almost guarded. He thanked me over and over every time I saw him for the remainder of the week, and that always stuck with me. From that moment on, I counted him as a friend.

His presence will forever be missed, as well as his recent penchant for Instagram likes, but his influence on riding and graciousness as a person will remain. Rest in peace, friend.

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