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In just a few short days, BMX flatland may start to make a change in the USA. As flatland will be introduced to the Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland. Many people have wanted this to happen for many years since flatland has been dropped from most major BMX contests in the USA. May of you have called, emailed, and texted. Heck we even stared a petition  to try and get people attention that this is something that we want to happen http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/dewtourflatland/.

Terry Adams has been blowing it up lately about this event. “It’s very exciting because it’s a part of flatland history. It’s our chance to make a great impression, so thats our main goal”

Here are a few interviews Terry has done the past few days.


Us as flatlanders need to show our support of this event and tell the world about it. If you see a Facebook post about it, Tweet, instagrm, vimeo, youtube video, my action to you  is to WATCH, READ, COMMENT, SHARE, LIKE, AND LOVE!

*** Press release***



Action Sports and Lifestyle Festival to Include Skate, BMX and Surf Competitions

Burr Ridge, Ill. – July 11, 2012 – The Dew Tour today announced the competitions and the invited athletes for the Pantech Beach Championships in Ocean City, Md., August 16-19.  The new Dew Tour - featuring three large-scale, premium events – will debut with a mix of returning and new Skateboard and BMX disciplines, Surf and multiple music performances.  The Dew Tour Pantech Beach Championships will be free to attend.

While developing the new Dew Tour, Alli Sports and Mountain Dew - reinforcing their long-standing commitment to the action sports community – have garnered feedback from athletes, agents and industry veterans. Open communication led to the new model of the Dew Tour, with athletes expressing their opinions on ideal courses, disciplines, formats and overall event authenticity.

The Dew Tour Pantech Beach Championships will capture the unique beach lifestyle in the competitions, music and character of the transition-focused disciplines with a backdrop of Atlantic Ocean.  New to the Dew Tour is the Mega 2.0 event for both Skate and BMX, and this year’s Beach event will feature the Skate Bowl Legends competition.  The Dew Tour Pantech Beach Championships will feature the top names in action sports competing in the following disciplines:


Skate Vert BMX Vert
Skate Bowl BMX Park
Skate Legends Bowl BMX Mega 2.0
Skate Mega 2.0 Surf


The Dew Tour is working with a committee of industry experts and course designers to ensure the most progressive competitions possible are featured at the new Dew Tour.  Selection Committees for each discipline have been created to invite the top action sports athletes to compete in the four-day action sports and lifestyle festival.


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