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Check this out! We were a little bit skeptical at first but the bumper car tent looks pretty cool. The weather forecast looks perfect, too. We're looking forward to a great BMX weekend! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, we will post updates during the weekend.

The german Freedom BMX mag put a video together of the constrution works. At the end you'll get to see the flatland tent as well.

For the party animals out there the BMX Cologne newsletter had some details:

We haven't let up on the party program, either. There will be two phenomenal crews on the turntables Friday to bring things to life on the dance floor. We expect bouncing to the loud basses and high-quality club sound. The guys from BTYCL and THE MIXFITS will have lots of rap, dubstep, drum&bass, trap und home-made mash-ups to offer. Join on Facebook

On Saturday, the sporting part of the SNIPES BMX COLOGNE is already over for many participants, and they have their eyes on only one further goal: PARTY HARD!
We are especially happy that our home-boys from POWPOW MOVEMENT are returning after a long absence and will once again give us one of their overpowering live shows. With DJ CEM from the famous cologne based BEATPACKERS Party, it will be an explosive mixture.... Join on Facebook

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