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Flat world poster

BMX × ART Exhibition "Flat World"

Exhibition of graphic artists, Hisao Yoshida twiny is another aspect of professional BMX rider. Inspired by the performance of the BMX flat land has represented him on a daily basis, expressed in their own world of graphic art was born. And this work of photographers to take his performance to continue at the same time URRY "ILLMATIC ILLUMI-MOTION" exhibition at the same time a part of. BMX × art project to expand both showing him in his face with a rider and two as a graphic artist "Flat World" starts from the first step in this Glass Roots. (Written by URRY)

Period September 1, 2011 ■ (Thurs) - Grass Roots ■ Place September 30
Watanabe Bldg B1F 2-13-3 Tsuruya-cho, Yokohama, Kanagawa-ku 〒 221-0835 ■ Address
■ Phone 045-312-0180
■ Business hours 17:00 - 26:00
■ Yokohama Station West Exit to the right of access. Leaving the back streets of MORE'S, please cross the bridge on the right.
Basement of the building will have a sign out in the direction of travel and turn left right before the Mos Burger.
■ web Http://

Twiny / Nao.Yoshida
At the same time working as a graphic artist in a professional BMX rider. Has created a unique world view that by linking the two seemingly far. Districts are leading the UK art scene, has published works such as to exhibit not only the country in East London.
web: Http://

As a photographer for free from attending school while enrolled in the Photography Department, School of Arts at Nihon University and others down to take in the unique perspective the major events and parties for many have been at the center in Tokyo to work as a photographer on the theme NOIR exhibited numerous art exhibitions and events.
Some of the work was also published in Korean culture art magazine.
web: Http://

Yokohama Grass roots
Bar and restaurant on the west exit of Yokohama Station.
And art exhibitions are held irregularly live, you can enjoy the space while dining. Various artists as well as luxury Grass roots to celebrate the 15 year anniversary, will also participate in a showcase of BMX.

October 02, 2011 Anniversary Party Date Grass roots 15 (Sun) Yokohama Cast Beihoru Please check the following site locations.
web: Http://

Original text:

Flat world poster

BMX × ART Exhibition 『Flat World』

BMXプロライダー吉田尚生のもう一面であるグラフィックアーティストtwinyの個展。彼が日常的に表現しているBMX flat landのパフォーマンスからインスパイアされ、生まれた独自の世界観をグラフィックアートで表現。そして、今回は同時に彼のパフォーマンスを撮り続けるフォトグラファーURRYの作品「ILLMATIC ILLUMI-MOTION」から一部を同時に展示。ライダーでありグラフィックアーティストとして2つの顔を持つ彼を両方見せることで彼の展開するBMX×アートプロジェクト「Flat World」の第一歩が今回Glass Rootsよりスタート。(written by URRY)

■会期 2011年9月1日(木) - 9月30日
■場所 Grass Roots
■住所 〒221-0835神奈川県横浜市神奈川区鶴屋町2-13-3渡辺ビルB1F
■電話 045-312-0180 
■営業時間 17:00~26:00
■アクセス 横浜駅西口から右方向へ。MORE'Sの裏通りを出たら、右手の橋を渡ってください。

Twiny / Nao.Yoshida
BMXプロライダーと同時にグラフィックアーティストとしても活動中。 一見かけ離れている二つをリンクさせて独自の世界観を作り出している。UKアートシーンを牽引している地区、イーストロンドンで展示を行うなど
web :


Yokohama Grass roots
不定期に行われるライブやアートの展示会など、食事をしながら楽しむことの出来る空間。今年で15周年をむかえるGrass rootsを祝福して様々な豪華アーティストだけでなく、BMXのショーケースも参加します。

Grass roots 15周年パーティー
日時 2011年10月2日(日)場所 横浜ベイホール
web :

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