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A few days ago we posted Seppl's new edit. Now we also dropped us his bike check which you'll find below:

Frame: Felt Darchor Michael Sommer x Seppl Signature
Forks: Odyssey Flatware
Bars: Odyssey 40s
Grips: ODI Longnecks; Barends: Odyssey plastic
Stem: Flatware
Seat: MacNeil Travis Collier
Post: MacNeil 330, Clamp: Odyssey Mr Clampy
Cranks: Odyssey Flatware Twombolt
Sprocket: Odyssey Flatware, Chain: KMC
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted

Frontwheel: G-Sport Birdcage x Odyssey Vandero 2 X G-Sport Hex Nipples x Salt Double Butted Spokes

Backwheel: G-Sport Birdcage x KHE Greyhound Flat freecoaster w/ female axle x G-Sport Hex Nipples x Salt Double Butted Spokes

Tires: Odyssey Frequency G 1.75, Soft Compound
Pegs: Feez (now Autum) front, G-Sport Plegs rear

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