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Check out Roy's sexy new ride!

Mountain Top Fabrication Custom
Fork: Flatware 0 Offset
Handlebars: Flatware Hobby 8.5" 0 Backsweep (now) S&M Intrikat 8.5" (pictured)
Grips: Flatware Cufflinks
Barends: MacNeil Stainless Steel
Stem: Quamen Macross
Headset: Quamen w/ SE Spacers
Cranks: Profile 160mm Gundrilled Spindle
Pedals: KHE Stimulatorz
Sprocket: Profile 18t Spline Drive
BB: Profile Mid
Seatpost: Thomson Elite
Seat: KHE Watanabe
Seatpost Clamp: Kink Focus
Chain: KMC 3/32
Front Wheel: Ares Boo Hub / Wheelsmith Spokes / Sun RhynoLite / Primo Comet 1.5
Rear Wheel: Ares Boo2 Freecoaster / Wheelsmith Spokes / Sun RhynoLite / Primo Comet 1.5
Chain Tensioners: Quamen Pops
Pegs: Suelo Magnesium

BACKGROUND: I've been riding flat on and off for over 25 years and wanted to recreate the bikes I would dream about from my early teens. Working with Tony from Mountain Top Fabrication made some tweaks to his twin top tube frame design, added my specs and he built it. It rides great! Its got an old school feel with a new school geo I'm comfortable with. There are some more throwback parts in the works... 

THANKS: Tony from Mountain Top Fabrication, The Port Jefferson Bike Dr., 'OSG' Jeorge Luzuriaga for hooking up the Chrome, Profile Racing, Quamen/Dig-it and All the riders who keep those wheels rollin...

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