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During the Astrolabe we posted a spy pic of the new Heresy flatland frame on Instagram. Today Heresy released all the details on their new frame and it's basically a whole range of flatland and street frames. They are all based on the original Ascend frame but depending on the top tube length there are changes in the geometry in order to make the longer frames more street compatible:

"We’ve been riding the AscenD 19’’ since its creation, 4 years ago : 4 great years of progression and fun on our bikes. The goal was to make a frame inspired by the riding we wanted to learn—not the trends of the market, hoping to make this frame a classic design that would stand the test of time. More and more riders of all ages and riding styles take notice and are expecting more size options of AscenD frames to match their needs.

18’’ (kids, flatland) (not pictured)
18,5’’ (flatland) (not pictured)
19’’ (flatland)
19,5’’ (flatland)
20’’ (flatland, street)
20,5’’ (flatland, street)

Far from being just a suite of different sizes of the same frame, these 6 AscenD frames have been created as 3 pairs:

- The 18’’ and 18,5’’ are shorter versions of the original 19’’ with the right adjusted proportions both on the front and back triangles for a well-balanced frame fitting kids or small riders.
- The 19,5’’ is paired with the 19’’, only different in design by the length of its front triangle.
- Finally the 20’’ and 20,5’’ are « natural » evolutions of the 19’’ as well : we had been dreaming of these frames as the combination of classic elements (BB height, standover) meeting the progressive AscenD design. The result is two longer but responsive frames with a unique design, crossing over the blurred lines of two worlds who have never shared so much riding than in recent years : Flatland and Street."

In addition to the new frames there are some really good looking new pegs and a pivotal seat:
108 Pegs
Reign Seat

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