Viki Gomez - be water, my friend! inspired by bruce lee and the “no mind” theory, Viki created this beautiful short film of his philosophy how he feels connected with the most important element – water. #FlatSwissTour in Switzerland

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Red Bull Switzerland created a project collaboration together with Viki Gomez, where the focus lies on the element of water. Where water is a source of inspiration for Viki in his smooth way of riding and creating his personal original Flatland tricks. Inspired from TAO’s philosophy and Brice Lee.






BEHIND THE SCENE: blick-hinter-die-kulissen-beim-weltmeister-2015


FlatSwissTour BeWATER Video article RB CH Sep 2015 Viki Gomez Viki Gomez Viki Gomez

Viki Gomez

Viki GomezViki Gomez
























Viki Gomez

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