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"The A Bad Thing BAM Jam 2010 was again a very good contest, with the best french riders: Rodolphe Clavelier, Jeremy Brosset, Matthieu Bonnecuel, Melvyn Masson or Maxandre Pillonel and a big audience! in master class, Remi Issaly had make his job and finished 3rd, Kevin Meyer with his good contest routine finished 2nd, and in 1st the new young french talent Melvyn Masson with good routine with flow and style, pay attention to this young boy! In the pro class Rodolphe Clavelier finished 3rd with his creative links and some luck, Maxandre Pillonel finished 2d with lots of hard combo and style, and Jean Bulhon won the contest for the 2nd time. Matthias Dandois and Raph Chiquet were here just for fun of course! i wanna thank all the sponsor: A Bad Thing, Koxx, Crazyriders Shop, Hyraw Clothin, Monster Energy drink and Chiky Underwear. Of course all the riders an peoples who was here. Thanx everybody and see you next year." - Jean Bulhon

You can find the complete results in the forum.

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