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The ART crew announced a new concept for the magazine in 2013. There will be a free monthly magazine for download, the quarterly print magazine and a new website with daily news. 

This statement explains it in details: "After a very busy year 2012, ART BMX is coming back in 2013 with a new formula more suitable for readers of each country. The entire team developed a new system which offers a different content for each country and multilingual: a free downloadable monthly online magazine that highlights each national scene without forgetting, of course, international news. The ART BMX printed version doesn’t disappear though since it will have a new formula as well: a quarterly format more consistent, based on exclusivity with in depth covered topics, keeping the lifestyle orientation aspect that is the genuine trademark of the magazine. All the BMX disciplines will be feature: street, park, trail, flatland, racing, oldschool as well as its culture: fashion, music, photo, video, art, travel, tattoo… Our website will be refreshed as well, with more news and a daily update. Given the importance of the Internet in our sport, we had to adapt our media to your needs and expectations in terms of news and it is with that objective in mind that we have recruited new members within the creative team. We will introduce them to you very soon, they will bring a new energy to the magazine, both on a national or international level.."

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